Right now there is a campaign going on to get the good links to JavaScript documentation bubbling up to the top of search results. As things stand, when you search for JavaScript you are more often than not, given a bunch of garbage links. “JavaScript is such a widely used language that you would assume the first hit on google for a search like ‘JavaScript’ would yield something of value, right? Well, unfortunately that is not so and in general JS documentation is hard to find through normal search methods.”

The Goal of the Promote JS campaign is basically to Google Bomb Mozilla’s JavaScript Documentation pages up the SEO ladder to better enable developers to find the good documentation.

For me personally, this was kind of eye opening. I really had no idea JavaScript was documented anywhere except in books, because every time I did a search, I ended up on some lame site which has been posting the same outdated information for 10+ years. I’m pretty excited to find that there’s actually a sort of official home for JavaScript documentation

If you want to help out the cause, take a look at the Promote JS website and then write up a post about your thoughts. Oh, and maybe code up something along the way. There’s a novel idea.