• 1997 - 2010: I was an anti-apple, Linux fanboy.
  • 18 months ago: I bought an iPad (16GB) instead of a Kindle at my wife’s behest
  • 17 months ago: I won a second iPad (32GB)
  • 1 year ago: I bought a MacBook Pro so I could be on the same page as my Ruby coworkers
  • Six months ago: I won a 13” MacBook Air
  • 10 days ago: I started learning Objective-C and iOS development.
  • This morning: I searched out iOS developer podcasts
  • Currently: I’m planning on getting the next iPhone, the new iPad, and the Apple TV (little black box).

Things got really weird somewhere in that mess, and I have no idea how it happened. I still see myself as a Linux guy, but I can no longer deny my appreciation for Apple products. Who says I’m closed-minded?

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I live in the greater Kansas City area with my beautiful wife, our two great kids, and our dog. I've been programming using Open Source technologies since '97 and I'm currently an independent software developer specializing in Ruby on Rails and iOS. I am for hire.

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