• 1997 - 2010: I was an anti-apple, Linux fanboy.
  • 18 months ago: I bought an iPad (16GB) instead of a Kindle at my wife’s behest
  • 17 months ago: I won a second iPad (32GB)
  • 1 year ago: I bought a MacBook Pro so I could be on the same page as my Ruby coworkers
  • Six months ago: I won a 13” MacBook Air
  • 10 days ago: I started learning Objective-C and iOS development.
  • This morning: I searched out iOS developer podcasts
  • Currently: I’m planning on getting the next iPhone, the new iPad, and the Apple TV (little black box).

Things got really weird somewhere in that mess, and I have no idea how it happened. I still see myself as a Linux guy, but I can no longer deny my appreciation for Apple products. Who says I’m closed-minded?