It can be a little scary to hire an independent developer. Are they really who they claim to be? Can they really do what they say they can? How do I know they have the knowledge and experience to meet my project and my company’s needs?

These are great questions and I would love the opportunity to speak with you about them, but I would also encourage you to reach out to any of the companies I’ve worked with in the past (listed below) and discover for yourself if I meet your project’s needs

When you find out I’m a good match, reach out to me. Let’s build something amazing.

Recent Projects

LiveBlueKC: The LiveBlue iOS app from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City enables users to find healthy locations, activities and events throughout the Kansas City area. Whether it’s a farmers market, fitness center, neighborhood park or 5k race, the Live Blue app is your key to a healthier lifestyle.


For my part in this project, I was responsible for designing the and creating the architecture which provides the mobile app with the data it displays to the users. I also developed an administrative tool which allows the LiveBlue team to import and modify data from Foursquare, see reporting on app usage, and modify any other data necessary.

I am continuing to develop new data services and am providing ongoing support.

City Union Mission: Since 1924, City Union Mission has provided warm beds, nutritious food, and a place of safety for thousands of poverty-stricken and homeless men, women, and children. The mission receives no government funding, but instead depends solely on contributions.

The Mission has a rather substantial Ruby on Rails application for which I have been brought in to take over development. I take this project very seriously, and recognize that every minute I spend on the project is money provided by contributions. I do everything I can to keep costs low without neglecting the quality of the product I deliver.

WeeJay: It wasn’t too long ago that bars and restaurants had jukeboxes to allow their patrons to choose what music was played. Now, with WeeJay, we’re bringing that experience back…from your phone. Choose venues nearby, search for music from our extensive database, queue up songs to be played, and favorite those other patrons chose.


I’ve partnering with CremaLab on this project. While there is an iPhone component, I am responsible for creating the architecture which facilitates communication between the database and the mobile app, allows music to be queued and administered, and enables venues to administer their settings and account.

RunTitle is the only online marketplace for mineral ownership information. We’ve teamed up with professional landmen and oil & gas companies from around the nation to create a powerful platform unlike anything this industry has seen. Reports are added daily from our list of trusted land professionals.


RunTitle is a project I inherited. Many developers would feel the need to “fix” all the code, but I understand both budget and time constraints. The app was working when I took over, so I’ve only fixed things when they’ve shown themselves to be buggy or when they’ve affected new features.

Past Projects

Endurance Lending Network: Endurance Lending Network is a web-based lending platform which connects small businesses looking for up to $500K of debt capital with non-traditional lending sources (accredited individuals, family offices, wealth management platforms, debt funds, etc.)

The team is located in California, and I was brought in to maintain and simplify the current code base, and to take on future development.

AC-U-KWIK is an iPhone app to aid pilots of smaller aircraft to plan their flights. Penton Media brought me in to this project to maintenance it, correct bugs and address customer complaints, and to keep them up to date on changes in the iOS platform.

The Strategic Quality Support System (SQSS) is a product developed to enable hospitals and other health providers to monitor the compliancy of tasks, handle problems as they arise, and provide reports on the general quality status of a provider.

I partnered with Databasically, Envisage Consulting, and D. D. Bainbridge and Associates, Inc. to develop this product.

DailySpecial is a site designed to answer the question, “Where can I find a place to eat nearby which is offering great specials?” It’s a sort of search engine for specials.

This was a fun project to be a part of. Search, geolocation, HTML5, social aspects, JavaScript: this project had it all. It was just the product owner, a designer and myself, and we brought it to life.

Southern Attraction was a dating site I worked on. I handled all the search, social aspects, and architecture of the app. The idea was pretty simple, allow your friends and people you actually know to help you find a good match.

MadeForView was proof to me that some projects actually have an end date. This was a simple web API accessed by iPads in order to shut them down if they got outside of a certain area. I got to partner with my friends at Big Swing on this project.

Citadel Technologies reached out to me to move their previous application into the cloud. They have a lot of calculations they use to correctly assess the damage pipelines have sustained and how much of their material will be required to repair it. The calculater I developed for them allows them to do just that; from anywhere and on any device.

A. D. Banker brought me on board to help them maintain their legacy e-learning shopping cart system. The framework was mostly written in perl which I was pretty strong in back in the day (just don’t tell anyone).