Finding the "Next Occurrence" with SQL

October 31, 2016

Given a start date, an interval, and a frequency, how can you easily determine if a date is the next occurrence?

An Introduction to ActionCable in Rails 5

September 29, 2016

An introduction to ActionCable with a focus on how things work rather than how to make them work.

Delegation Patterns in Ruby

September 17, 2016

Reducing object bloat begins with doing less

More than Enough Arel

September 10, 2016

When ActiveRecord just isn't enough

Just Enough Arel

September 9, 2016

Replacing hand-coded SQL with object oriented programming

Naming Conventions for ActiveRecord Polymorphic Associations

September 6, 2016

Some guidelines for how to name ActiveRecord's polymorphic associations well.

Tools We Use: Hugo

August 12, 2015

Hugo is the tool I use to build the SamuelMullen site.