I live in the greater Kansas City area with my beautiful wife, our two great kids, our dog, and our cat. I'm a freelancer software developer specializing in Ruby, JavaScript, and Elixir, and I love what I do.

I'm a highly versatile software developer, and have programmed professionally since 1997 using a host of languages and technologies. Before freelancing, my employers ranged from fortune 500 companies such as Sprint and Eli Lilly, to smaller organizations like Andrews McMeel and a couple startups.

I began freelancing in 2009 when my manager asked me to build a web-based tool "on the side" for her uncle's company. Shortly thereafter, the company I worked for began a series of layoffs. Although I was not let go, I recognized that no company was looking out for my best interests and the only way to assure my security was to take control of my employment. I began looking for more clients to add to my portfolio, and within two years I was fully independent.

Since entering the workforce, the Internet has blossomed and grown, and I have grown with it. I remember what it was like to build everything from scratch, which may be why I get so excited about new technology; it promises to simplify that which was previously difficult. My eye is always on the future and as such, I am very aware of new technologies as they arise, even if I don't immediately adopt them.


Technology is ever-changing and I continually pursue what's coming next, but with the understanding that companies still have to deal with current technologies. It's exciting to work with companies who are trying to do the next big thing, but there's just as much excitement to get out of helping companies maintain existing projects.

Everything Else

When I'm not working, you will likely find me watching my kids' soccer games, working out, reading, attending church, or just spending time with my family.

Let's talk

The easiest way to contact me is through my contact form, Twitter (@samullen), or you can just call me at 913.626.9787.

If you're in need of a developer who can help you realize your project's success or if you need someone who can bring you application up to date, reach out to me. We can make it happen.